Rachael Ann’s journey in photography began when she was handed her first camera, a Nikon N75, for her sixteenth birthday. Photography captured her heart from the first photo taken with that film camera so long ago. Shortly after that pivotal birthday, Rachael’s life journey has afforded her several opportunities in the realms of video production, show production and lighting. All the while photography remained her first love. Her passion for photography drove her to spend countless hours teaching herself and developing her craft. This resulted in Rachael starting a part time photography entrepreneurship in the summer of 2004. Little did she know that in just under four years that it would blossom into a full-time business. During this time the one thing that did now change was here strong drive to further her horizons as a photographer. This led to her educational pursuit of a degree in the arts, specifically commercial photography. Rachael graduated in early 2014 from the Art Institute of Atlanta and is currently a full time professional photographer whom specializes in portraits, commercial and weddings.